Lemongrass Line (Special for Spring-Summer 2018)

Lemongrass Line (Special for Spring-Summer 2018)

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Lemongrass, besides smelling like the onset of spring, is beneficial for the body in many ways. Lemongrass is said to help prevent skin cancer, clear acne, brighten skin, and assist in the dissolving of cellulite deposits.  It has natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. It's also a natural astringent and antiseptic. The products in this line are infused with Lemongrass essential oil, as well as dried Lemongrass. 


You can use the Lemongrass Water (body mist) as not only a refreshing mist that will allow you to take advantage of the aromatherapy uses of Lemongrass (elevates mood, lowers fever, calms nerves, etc...) but also as a brightening and astringent toner for your face. (4 fluid oz)


The Lemongrass Body Wash couples the benefits of Lemongrass essential oil with Organic Castile Soap.  This combination provides a luxurious cleansing lather that detoxifies and deep cleanses the skin, while adding the antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits of Lemongrass to protect and thoroughly cleanse the skin. (8 fluid oz)


Lemongrass Sugar Scrub combines the benefits of Lemongrass with the moisturizing benefits of raw Turbinado Sugar.  Raw sugar grains continually exfoliate the skin while infusing the skin with moisture.  You will leave the shower with skin that is noticeably softer and more moisturized. (4oz)


Lemongrass Salt Scrub combines the benefits of Lemongrass with the detoxifying benefits of Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt.  This combination of salts  exfoliates and detoxifies the skin, by pulling out toxins in between the layers of skin, while also providing relief to minor aches and pains with the magnesium in the epsom salt. (4oz)


Lemongrass Body Oil is the same ultra hydrating luxurious multi-use oil, we use in all of our body oils.  It contains a combination of Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.  This particular combination of oils is meant to heal the dermis, help the skin maintain moisture, and infuse itself directly into the skin without leaving it greasy or having residual moisture on the skin. This is combined with the healing benefits of Lemongrass, as well as the aromatherapy benefits you'll experience while its on your skin.  You may also find that it aids in brightening skin and normalizing abnormalities in skin.  An added bonus, is that it works as a natural pest repellent - which will provided added relief in the warmer months. (4oz)